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In this year, we have launched employee handbooks as well as online onboarding tool. We help our clients stay in compliant with the upcoming laws, update the existing book if it needs to and make it fun and easy to use by adding some graphics to it.

Less paperwork, less turnover — we will help new hires become more engaged, productive employees (who want to stick around) by ensuring we have provided them and informed them of the resources they need to be successful. At the same time, our team makes managing the onboarding process more efficient and effective.

We like to think of an employee handbook as your company’s customized roadmap! Maintaining a current and comprehensive handbook is an indicator to your incoming and current team members that your company is organized, communicative and invested in the best interest of the people within the organization.  As a small organization, you have little time—and even less resources—to constantly run your organization in a reactive mode. In addition, the handbook helps to reduce your liability, because  federal, state and local regulations are included in this guide.

Current employees can be oriented in the processes and guidelines of your organization. New employees can be welcomed with this guide from day one, resulting in clear communications from the start.

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